Composer Anna Meredith. Credit: Kate Bones

Composer Anna Meredith. Credit: Kate Bones

Anna Meredith's dynamic and varied compositions have put her in favor with contemporary classical and experimental electronic music fans alike. The Guardian has described her tunes as, “majestic bangers.”

During our conversation, recorded at the Big Ears Music Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee, we talk about how she writes these hard to categorize gems, her first U.S. tour experience, and how she works with her collaborators, while being a self-described ‘control freak’.

You can hear her music on her album Varmints, and also in the film Eighth Grade. That movie was one of the most acclaimed of 2018, and it was scored by Meredith.

*Music from this episode can be found on Bandcamp and on LP & CD from fine retailers.

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