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Moogfest 2019

Moogfest 2019

Moogfest is returning to Durham, NC, April 25-28, and as usual it’s pulling on patch cables from an eclectic mix of genres. Pedal Fuzz has a handful of highlights below, and you can see the full lineup for daytime and nighttime shows, the schedule for workshops and talks, and you can grab your tickets while they last right here.

Thomas Dolby. Courtesy: Moogfest

Thomas Dolby. Courtesy: Moogfest

  • Inventor, composer and 2012 Moog Innovation Award winner Thomas Dolby is joining the lineup for three rare appearances, including a live performance and a two-way interview with Buzzfeed News Sr. Investigative Reporter and 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist Jason Leopold. Dolby and Leopold will converse on their shared passion of truth seeking among creative topics.

Kimbra. Courtesy: Moogfest

Kimbra. Courtesy: Moogfest

  • Daniel Miller, founder of seminal synth-pop and industrial label Mute Records, is joining for both a conversation and a modular live set;

  • Tim Hecker will participate in a conversation about his most recent record which incorporates Japanese gagaku music and joined by The Koyoko Ensemble for a nighttime performance;

  • Craig Leon will hold a joint conversation with William Basinski, who will lead the Sleep Concert and perform an additional live set including songs from his acclaimed new album;

  • GAS and the founder of Kompakt records, will share his philosophies behind his seminal project and perform at nighttime;

  • Renowned for his work at the intersection of visual art and live performance, techno artist Max Cooper will hold a lecture on integrating these concepts into the new A/V project he’s performing at Moogfest and perform an afternoon spatial set.

  • Meyer Sound Laboratories will provide Spatial Sound to The Armory, Fruit Co., the Carolina Theatre, and 21c in collaboration with Virginia Tech (ICAT). Afternoon spatial sets by Jim Lang, Patrick Gleeson and nighttime with Matthew Dear (live), The Field, Kimbra, Jlin, Stephan Bodzin, and Mount Kimbie (DJ set).

  • 21c’s Main Gallery will use a six-channel system to enable an immersive sound experience for durational performances by A Place to Bury Strangers, Richard Devine, and Greg Fox.

  • The Fruit Co. will include a quad system to provide new spatial opportunities for DJ sets by Daniel Miller, Matthew Dear, nd_baumecker, Mor Elian, Bergsonist, Ouri, Minimal Violence, Brooklyn English, and the afterparty with The Floor.

  • Moogfest is also excited to welcome Ash Bowie of Polvo and Helium fame, who will perform a very special set with a band of his friends and close associates.

  • Sound designer Richard Devine will explore synth design with renowned author of modular synthesis techniques Kim Bjørn and various instrument designers.

  • Kim Bjørn will teach workshops on modular synth patching techniques at the festival.

  • Kimbra will discuss her creative process, her career, and her production work.

  • Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos will be in conversation about the contrasting expressions between a live set and DJ work.

  • U.S. Girls is joining during the daytime and for a nighttime performance and Eli Kezsler will also be performing at night.

Moogfest 2018: Free Programming

Moogfest 2018: Free Programming

The American Tobacco Campus stage opens on Saturday, May 19

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Leading Saturday's lineup are legendary hip-hop DJs and producers Pete Rock (Pete Rock & CL Smooth) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest), plus a full-band performance by indie-soul singer-songwriter Moses Sumney, who returns to Moogfest for the second time

Saturday afternoon will open with Moogfest’s much-beloved Modular on the Spot Picnic, an outdoor modular synth performance started in Los Angeles by modular synthesist and skate photographer Eric “Rodent” Cheslak with bassist Bana Haffar. This year’s three-hour picnic offers a laid-back, family-friendly listening environment for a mind-expanding exploration of electronic sound, transitioning into a more upbeat affair as the day progresses. The Modular on the Spot Picnic will feature a rotating cast of performers that includes Cheslak himself, along withLightbath, Pete Speer, Jake Pugh, Lee Coleman, Jerry Kaba, and previously announced performer and daytime presenter Sarah Belle Reid.

New Conversation Additions

Michael Stipe’s audio-visual installation Thibault Dance will be featured in downtown Durham. Now the artist himself will return to Moogfest as well for a conversation on Saturday at 5 p.m. (ET) in the Carolina Theatre to offer insight on his current audio-visual work and his creative focus in the post-R.E.M. era. Stipe will be in conversation with Andy Battaglia from ArtNews, to present his new book, showcasing his multi-layered artistry narrated with experiences from his youth.

Michael Stipe had this to say on his participation this year:

"I get to return to Moogfest with the premiere of the second installment of my dance series, called ‘Thibault Dance’.  Creating these portraits means I get to work in video, which I love; with movement and performance, which I love, and with composing music as a reaction, which is new to me.  With my band I always had music to write against; in the case of these video portraits I am writing music to movement. It turns the entire process on it’s head. There is a trust between myself and the person I am creating a portrait of—  and that relationship, that ‘dance’, is important to me, and to the success of the piece.

With 'Thibault Dance’ there’s clear nuance and tension.  Thibault's performance is so powerful, showing immense strength—  a big part of that strength being his fearlessness as a performer in allowing vulnerability, awkwardness, humanity.     

I like working with Moogfest because they pull the most exciting performers and thinkers together in what feels like a future version of what a festival can be, and I get to create an immersive experience with the video piece, and I get to discuss that piece and other work in different mediums with Andy Battaglia.  I am very much looking forward to it."

Additionally, noted writer, podcast host, and Forbes “30 Under 30” recipient Aminatou Sow joins Chelsea Manning for the privacy activist’s Saturday keynote on the future of creativity. Manning and Sow will discuss how creative frontiers will evolve as privacy laws change in an expanding digital landscape in what will be an enlightening, eye-opening keynote.

Moogfest 2018 Free Programming Roundup

Ralph Steadman’s Harmon-INK! exhibit; Michael Stipe’s Thibault Danceinstallation;  the Modular Marketplace; the Moog Store and Moog Pop-Up Factory, which will be building the just-announced Moog Grandmother synth onsite; Vorticity, a collaborative sonified data installation between Nokia Bell Labs and Delta Sound Labs; Frivolous Artist: More Metal, a tactile, interactive live score piece by Wild Actions; Moritz Simon Geist’s robotics installation Soft Manipulator; the immersive environmental sculpture Infinity: Algorithmic Soundscapes from Magnetic Energy; a Moogfest poster and synth art exhibition; and the Reverb LP Record Fair.