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Shane Parish Releases New Album Child Asleep In The Rain

Shane Parish Releases New Album Child Asleep In The Rain

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Out on cassette via Null Zone, Child Asleep In The Rain finds the Asheville, NC based guitarist Shane Parish (Ahleuchatistas) in an exploratory mood. Striking a much different tone from his last (excellent) solo acoustic album Undertaker Please Drive Slow (Tazdik Records), this one takes a deep dive into the sonic unknown.

The phrase "Shane Parish is a father" keeps appearing in my mind while listening. I hear the dread of now, wrestling with the hope of now - the struggle of “it’s all gonna be ok,” that idea you work to convey even if at times you’re not so sure. Parish is a gifted improviser, and you can trace the threads of thoughts connecting as sounds whir around you, the notes still intimate though often awash in effects.

Shane Parish’s notes on the album:

I am going to try to briefly talk about music as an emanation since this album seemed to just appear on my computer one day.  I have strived to cultivate a way of life that will allow my creativity to grow and flow over my lifetime. I believe that if you steep yourself in the raw materials of an art form and you are honest with yourself about who you are, expression will manifest itself in many different shapes and they will all be you.  And they will also all be everybody and everything. There is one infinite resource passing through seven billion finite filters of subjectivity.

Mastery of the body can lead to virtuosity, but that can take a lifetime.  And we must imperfectly communicate and express our feelings as we move along the path.  Our limits reveal our shape. Technology can bridge the gap between mind and body, an idea and its realization, in performance and the production of artifacts.  Sometimes, our bodies are all the technology that is required. Sometimes we need more.

I have always attempted to allow intuition and a feeling to guide my work, even when I have introduced technical and conceptual obstacles to be overcome and employed.  I feel that my most relatable and musically successful endeavors are the ones that seem to emanate fully formed and with no effort. Still, I am committed to the practice.  And the letting go.”

Child Asleep In The Rain is available digitally via Bandcamp and on cassette from Null Zone Tapes.

Tour Dates:

9/21 - Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC

10/1 - If Art Gallery - Columbia, SC

10/2 - Duke Coffeehouse - Durham, NC w/ Polychord

10/4 - Rhizome DC - Washington, D.C. w/ Anthony Pirog/Jarrett Gilgore

10/5 - Jalopy Theatre - Brooklyn, NY w/ Iva Bittova, Eva Salina

10/7 - Downtown Music Gallery - New York, NY Shane Parish & Frank Meadows Duo

10/7 - Wonders of Nature - Brooklyn, NY w/ Ross Hammond

10/13 - Golden Pony - Harrisonburg, VA

10/26 - Go Bar - Athens, GA

12/1 - Monstercade - Winston-Salem, NC w/ 1970s Film Stock, Spectral Habitat