Guided By Voices/ Live in Durham, N.C.

GBV is somehow garage, psych, and weirdo pop and retro and new all at once, a celebration of every lysergic moment that a music nerd experiences when the fuzzed out guitar message beams in from Planet 1966 in outer space and sends you into overdrive. Lee Wallace has your full report.

 Heather McEntire of Mount Moriah - Credit: Patrick Wall for Pedal Fuzz

 Heather McEntire of Mount Moriah - Credit: Patrick Wall for Pedal Fuzz


He paid his $7 to park, grabbed a corporate bike-share, and hit the festival streets. From musical moments to puzzling policies, drink recipes to dropped pens, it's a Hopscotch rewind from a North Carolina songwriter's heart.

*NOTE* If you're a friend of his your name is likely within.


HOPSCOTCH 2017: Everywhere at Once: Solving — Or At Least Mitigating — Hopscotch’s Paralyzing Problem of Choice

by Patrick Wall

Stylistic pinball has always been the prevailing spirit of Hopscotch. The festival’s breadth has always been remarkable: Its first year featured headlining sets from Public Enemy and Panda Bear and its downticket club lineups featured everything from the rippingest garage rock to the rawest free jazz to the raunchiest rap to the most refined experimental music, and it’s followed that model since.


A ‘LOCAL’UNS PREVUE’ by al Riggs

        Hopscotch Season is here once more and along with tons of bigger, touring acts (Solange, Run The Jewels, Future Islands, etc.) there are a slew of other small/mid/big-size acts that grew up in NC either right down the street or right up the road. Ah, but where to go, whom to choose? Fear not, for here is a list of local recommendations to peruse as you work on your scheduling like your life depended on it.

David Simchock-Tennessee-Theatre-04.jpg

Big Ears: The Precise and Playful

Now in its seventh year, Big Ears Festival is a masterclass in how to make the avant-garde and experimental warm and welcoming. From the performers to the patrons, downtown Knoxville, TN was electric with enthusiasm over the entire four days of the  music and film festival.